About Us
We are a company dedicated to consulting in computer services

We are Committed to Providing Solutions Safe For our customers

About Us


Oncloud is a company with a trajectory of more than 10 years, it has a team of highly experienced IT professionals with the best disposition in service and knowledge waiting to provide you with quality support. All key personnel have many years of IT industry experience and are fully qualified..

The overall approach of the company is service oriented, always evolving and becoming a competitive and reliable company offering all facets of the external IT support sector.

the goal is to provide services that offer solutions to all your needs. Ultimately, we want to provide you with the service you need.

We love what we do! And we are sure that you, too, will love what we do and how we can help and support you.

We are dynamic and we think differently. We make no compromises and we never come up with half-hearted ideas. We deliver what we say, when we say and at agreed costs.

Guarantee privacy and controlled access to information of internal or external origin that the organization receives, stores and processes.

Support; that the information and computer systems are available and with the required capacity for their use.

Satisfied customers 100%
Response Effectiveness 97%
Staff Service 98%
At ONCLOUD We Support Your Goals with Quality Products and Solutions