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The Importance of Testing for Vulnerabilities

Understand that any particular software or solution could cause a system is invulnerable to attack. However, it is sad to know that many of the myths that circulate around system security were perceived by the majority as true. For example, many companies believe that by having a firewall and an intrusion detection system, they are infallible to possible attacks. This, and you are speaking conservatively, is not true. There will always be security holes that need to be fixed.


Pentest testing, also called pentest, is a cyber attack simulation launched on your computer system. The simulation helps discover exploit points and test the security of IT breaches.

Pentest Test Types

Finally, companies can conduct a physical penetration test that focuses on the physical security of their organization. During these tests, an attacker attempts to gain access to the building or find discarded documents or credentials that can be used to compromise security. Once inside the building, an attacker can attempt to collect information by eavesdropping or by hiding rogue devices in offices to provide remote access to the company’s internal network.

A wireless test looks for vulnerabilities in wireless networks. A wireless pen test identifies and takes advantage of insecure wireless network configurations and weak authentication. Vulnerable protocols and weak configurations can allow users to access a wired network from outside the building.

An attack on a company’s network infrastructure is the most common type of penetration test. You can focus on the internal infrastructure, such as bypassing a Next Generation Intrusion Prevention System (NGIPS), or the test can focus on the external infrastructure of the network, such as bypassing misconfigured external firewalls.

Los ataques a la red pueden incluir eludir los sistemas de protección de terminales, interceptar el tráfico de la red, probar los enrutadores, robar credenciales, explotar los servicios de la red, descubrir dispositivos heredados y dispositivos de terceros, y más.


At Oncloud we have a monitoring area for network infrastructure, equipment and devices, thus providing a quick and timely response to any data theft incident.


We have robust tools to mitigate attacks, with this we manage to minimize threats on the network, positively contributing the following benefits to companies:

Smart protection plans based
in threat alerts.

Threat detection and analysis
behavior based on AI / ML.

Response to attacks with full visibility assisted by artificial intelligence on the perimeter.

Attack remediation without data loss with built-in patching.

Fast and accurate investigations with forensic data-rich backups.

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