Data Protection
Security is our reason for being, at ONCLOUD we comply with standards such as NIST

Data security

ONCLOUD will assess your business needs and tailor a security solution that compromises antivirus, antispam, firewalls, web filtering, access policies, and encryption as required for a local or cloud-based service. Your data is critical and most businesses wouldn't be able to do without it, so take no chances when it comes to securing this lifeblood of your business or organization.


We can provide an immediate response because we understand the importance of an urgent restart of your computer systems. We can perform hard drive data recovery, hardware replacement, and key system recovery to ensure your business is up and running with minimal downtime and business impact. We have extensive experience in this type of response, we have tools with the ability to make copies to disks, partitions or entire computers; In addition, our teams have worked many times through the night restoring customer systems to normal functionality within hours of the alarm that a disaster has occurred.


ONCLOUD cloud backup is the smartest way to protect your business data. The Acronis service equips a full range of enterprise-class features to back up data stored on database servers, email servers, file servers, and even desktops and laptops. También podemos ofrecer un servicio de recuperación ante desastres totalmente administrado, con la replicación de sus servidores críticos en nuestras instalaciones de alojamiento seguro. Si alguna vez se encuentra en el desafortunado escenario de desastre en sus instalaciones, mantendremos su empresa funcionando con acceso rápido y seguro a los servicios en los que confía.


ONCLOUD can supply and manage a full range of backup solutions, tailored to your needs. If connectivity restrictions are hampering your ability to use our cloud backup then we can install a traditional and secure backup solution including NAS drives, USB drives, your data is important so let us provide the service to safeguard its integrity.

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