Eset’s multi-layered technology allows us to detect threats and react faster, ensuring that all of our customers benefit from stronger and more effective protection.

Our research laboratories around the world drive the development of exclusive technology

ESET is the first Internet security provider to incorporate a dedicated layer to protect the Unified Extensible Firmware Interface (UEFI) in its solution. The ESET UEFI Scan Module checks and enforces the pre-boot environment security measures in compliance with the UEFI specification. It is designed to monitor the integrity of the firmware and, in the event a modification is detected, the user is notified.

The types of detections range from the use of highly specific hashes to ESET DNA Detections, which are quite complex definitions of malicious behavior and characteristics of malware.


ESET has developed its own Machine Learning engine, called ESET Augur. It uses the combined power of neural networks (such as deep learning and short-term memory) and a selected group of six classification algorithms. Esto le permite generar un resultado consolidado y ayudar a etiquetar correctamente la muestra entrante como “no infectada”, “potencialmente no deseada” o “maliciosa”.


The malware protection cloud system provided by ESET is one of many technologies based on our cloud system, ESET LiveGrid®. Unknown potentially malicious applications and other potential threats are monitored and sent to ESET’s cloud via the ESET LiveGrid® data collection system.

Advanced Memory Scan is a unique ESET technology that effectively addresses a major problem in modern malware: the heavy use of obfuscation and encryption techniques. To address these issues, Advanced Memory Scan monitors the behavior of the malicious process and scans it when it shows up in memory.

Working Together

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