Grandstream is the leading manufacturer of Voice IP and video, video surveillance, gateways and ATA with an international presence. It is currently an internationally recognized brand for its constant innovation in the VoIP industry, accessibility and quality of its products.

Grandstream products are held to the highest standards and designed based on market needs with our customers in mind. Each device is carefully thought out and then undergoes a series of internal and beta tests and is manufactured from high-quality material so that we can provide our customers with the best quality products.

Companies in more than 150 countries around the world trust Grandstream solutions. Not only do we pride ourselves on providing our customers with reliable products, we also provide our partners with world-class support, technical training, sales training, and more. Grandstream is a company that customers can trust and depend on.

InGrandstream is a forward-thinking company focused on research and development to bring the most innovative products to the market. We listen to and value the needs and wishes of our customers and turn those ideas into reality. Grandstream is constantly looking for ways to help and improve other companies and organizations to innovate and evolve through our products.

Working Together

In Oncloud We are knowledgeable about Grandstream products and highlight open standards based on SIP offering broad industry interoperability, flexibility and competitiveness.

Our team of engineers has the following certifications:

Unified Solutions

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