In ONCLOUD we believe that virtualization has become one of the leading IT assets


If you want to break the restrictions of having your IT infrastructure tied to your office facilities, or reduce the configuration and hardware costs associated with this, virtual servers hosted at ONCLOUD are an option for you. All ONCLOUD virtual servers are built with the highest specification hardware, stored in secure data centers in Germany with fully redundant connectivity, power and replication to a second site to ensure your systems are accessible in all scenarios.


Virtualization is the process of taking multiple physical servers and running them from a single hardware server as virtual instances, thus breaking the traditional one-to-one relationship of hardware and software. Why have multiple underutilized physical servers, when all these functions can be consolidated into a single hardware platform, reducing costs, physical storage space, and maximizing the return on your investment?
ONCLOUD son expertos en la instalación y administración de esta tecnología de punta. Hable con nosotros hoy para ver cómo puede aprovechar al máximo su presupuesto e inversión en TI.

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